Friday, November 10, 2006

Will be missing Costa Rica

Those of us who had later flights were able to mingle after breakfast. Some of our new friends had already left, but our flight left in the afternoon, so we got up to say goodbye to as many as possible.

I had so many memories I was able to bring home. Not only did I make new friends, but also I’d seen animals in their natural setting. It was weird seeing animals loose rather than caged or fenced behind zoo bars.

The trip appealed to the nature lover in me, and I felt I’d experienced so much! Plus many photographs would keep my memories fresh.

Caravan was great about transporting boh us and our baggage to the airport for our lengthy journey home. We arrived in plenty of time to go through customs and catch our flight.

Caravan Tours calls their trip “Costa Rica Natural Paradise.” I’d have to say that after this trip, I totally agree! I cannot wait to return. In fact, a few of us made plans to reunite on another tour! I cannot wait.

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